Twisted Tales – Little Creative Factory

Design of Campaign for Little Creative Factory, a sustainable clothing brand that adheres to the principles of slow fashion and local production. The clothing pieces combine classic and natural fabrics with a modern edge.

The fantastical dream of a little girl who embarks on a journey alongside literatures favorite fairytale characters provides the content for the brands corporate material. We are taken on a nostalgic trip reminiscent of traditional craft and classic production techniques.

Typography, catalogue, labels and business cards are designed with the aesthetics of traditional industry in mind with an uneven finish that reflects the beauty of imperfection.

The production of material follows the same proposal. All of the details are designed to recreate a feeling of old-fashioned, honest tailoring. The binding, made from fabric, is exposed and natural materials such as Kraft reinforce the brand´s artisan identity. The use of aged Munken paper gives a nostalgic nod to times gone by.

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