Logotype Dialogues for the future

Dialogues for the future is a series of round table sessions from the Sonar festival in 2014. With an interdisciplinary focus it is geared toward professionals working in the creative and technological industries, with the aim of encouraging interaction, knowledge exchange, debate, new talent and business opportunities.

Mortensen, who headed up the project, commissioned Petit Comite to create the logotype and design guidelines and to help with the design of the space.

[vimeo width = “800” height = “600”] https://vimeo.com/192484350 [/ vimeo]


1169-DIALEGS_FUTUR-Poster (2014-06-12)web PetitComite


1169-DIALEGS_FUTUR-Ponencia11169-DIALEGS_FUTUR-Poster (2014-06-12)web Mortensen




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