Mas Generós

The Hotel is an old farmhouse restored using sustainable materials and following the original techniques employed during its construction in 1700. The renovation has remained faithful to the essence of the original building both in layout, restoration and use of materials.

The proposal

The graphic design is made up of images of natural elements expressed in cross stitch. Just as the house represents its past, we used a contemporary form to express an ancient technique in order to embellish this concept and to allude to the place’s connection with literature, ecology and nature.

The proposal aimed to express the natural elements and literary characters that form a part of Más Generos by using the ancient technique of cross-stitch embroidery.

The images and texts printed on to fabric-like embossed paper, cards and folders, appear at first to be embroidered on to real material. The name on the doors were made using real fabric and cross stitch embroidery.

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