Poepera 2015

Poster for the third edition of the poetry festival of La Pera Poepera, year dedicated to Ramon Llull. To make the poster and diplomas, we have had the collaboration of “The Font Hunter” that has left us part of his collection of such particular lyrics. To make the promotional video with Fiona Morrison and Carlos Segura.1246-POEPERA-Poster


POEPERA 2015-06-28 09.51.30 (Andreu Galan)

POEPERA 2015-06-28 10.07.55 (Lluis Calvo)

POEPERA 2015-06-28 10.12.35 (public)

POEPERA 2015-06-28 10.19.43 (Ester Xargay)

POEPERA 2015-06-28 10.20.53 (Josep Pedrals)

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